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HH1300F Single Shaft Slitting & Rewinding Machine

Applicable for slitting rewinding all kinds of release paper, kraft paper, white paper board, cardboard, PS, and other prototype material.

Main driving part: AC motor with inverter is employed. The acceleration & deceleration are fast and steady.
Rewind driving part: Discontinuous rewinding is optional for slitting wider range of materials. Both center and surface are used for different materials. Rewind shaft works together with press roller to eliminate bubble during rewinding process so that finished product can be tense and beautiful.
Finished product rewind type: 
Air shaft with quick paper core loading is suitable for materials with average thickness.
Motor control part: Length control part adopts photo electric sensor or meter roller with length counter, so that the length is precise. Tension controller is auto diameter detecting control type and tension auto increases according to diameter change.
Basic unwind type: Separate type or connect unwind base for convenient operation.

Technical Parameters:
Slitting knife Circular knife
Rewind type Center surface type
Max. material width 1M, 1.3M, 1.6M
Max. Unwind D. 800 MM
Max. Rewind D. 800 MM
Slitting speed 0- 160M/Min
Min. Slitting width 5-10MM
Waste discharge Fan type
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